Who are we?

We help you create your sacred space

Chances are high that you are serious about meditation, metaphysics, and/or spirituality. You might be interested in creating the perfect sacred space at your home, complementing your energy work with quality items, or simply you want to infuse your space with peaceful energy and wellbeing. Salam Soul is here to serve you just that. The items that you see in this website – like Himalayan Salt Lamps, Singing/Music Bowls, Gemstones and Crystals – are carefully selected and manufactured from various authentic sources in the Far East. And they are used worldwide by people like to create a high-vibration atmosphere where they can practice meditation and healing.


We aspire to be the go-to online store for people who are into spirituality and/or metaphysics; to be the ultimate store for those who want to design their sacred space and add a touch of high-vibration to their homes or workspaces.


Our mission is to promote wellbeing and peacefulness through the items and tools that can be used by meditators, energy healers, and soul workers.

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